feelings of motherhood

Feelings of motherhood for the first time

Feelings of motherhood for the first time, motherhood is one of the unique experiences, as it is full of many memories and situations,

every mother goes through this stage in her own way, and the mother lives all the meanings of happiness and love, fear and anxiety,

all the feelings associated with motherhood from the moment of birth, are transmitted Mothers’ experiences across generations.

Old mothers provide the most important advice and information to the new mother. There is also information and experiences related to motherhood that the mother can explore alone.

This type of advice is not found in written guidance texts, child care writings.

Through the following lines, we will present the most important tips and instructions that the mother should follow, whether she is a new mother or the woman is still pregnant.

The most important tips and instructions for the motherhood after childbirth

The motherhood life changes completely after birth, especially with the birth of the first child.

The mother enters another new stage. At this stage, the mother is responsible for the life of a young child, taking full care of him.

For the mother to be able to maintain the health of her young child, she must do this:

Taking care of oneself by getting enough rest, getting enough hours of sleep, is one of the difficult things in the beginning,

but with the daily routine that the mother sets for her young, with age, the mother will be able to sleep adequately.

Following a proper method of feeding the child, caring for the newborn, proper nutrition for the mother, as breastfeeding needs to eat a healthy balanced diet that depends on all nutrients,

to be able to take care of herself, and to practice all the tasks of motherhood from caring for the child, breastfeeding him.

The mother’s self-care, attention to the external appearance, her health especially in this period, self-care helps the mother’s ability to give the child complete care,

the mother can pamper herself, making sure to use skincare products, hair care products, so that the mother feels happy, satisfied,

Complete distance from feelings of tension, fear and any nervous reactions, the mother can ask for help from those around, can allocate time for reading, get out of the house.

A woman must accept the changes that occur to her, whether during pregnancy or after childbirth,

whether those changes are in the lifestyle or the external appearance. Trying to accept the changes helps to improve the psychological state of the woman.

You should know that it is a stage and it will change.

Important instructions for the motherhood in dealing with the infant

It should be noted that care begins with the care of the fetus in the mother’s womb. The responsibility increases after birth. There are many important tips for dealing with the infant:

The mother should set a bedtime routine for the child, help the child to get a quiet sleep, the mother can give her young children a quiet bath before bedtime, turn off all the lights, the mother holds her little one in her arms until he sleeps.

The diaper must be checked if it needs to be changed.

If the child cries hard for the mother, make sure that he feels colic or suffers from bloating. Most of the time the child cries for the mother to carry him.

The reasons for crying are many.

The mother must choose healthy products for his age because the skin of The child at this age is sensitive, so you must rely on products intended for him.

Mom can take a lot of photos on a lot of occasions so that it can be a sweet memory for the baby

Information that no one will tell you about motherhood

There is a lot of important information that a mother learns during her motherhood, including:

If the mother has a strong heart, the mother declares her confidence that her heart is rigid, the mother must reconsider this,

Especially after the birth of her first child, the mother will turn into a being with excess emotion, she will become one of the owners of light hearts, and everything will affect her,

It also leads to a feeling of anxiety, panic for the child, even if the child has any itching or sneezing, crying intensely without justification.

Motherhood means the presence of abundant feelings, feelings,

And great affection. The mother feels crying for no reason when she sees a birth scene on TV, or a child cries in an advertisement, or a child cries when he loses in an art competition.

A mother’s tears fall for the most trivial reasons, whether an expression of joy or sadness, a severe crying sticky with her baby’s first smile,

The advent of the first year, the child’s first steps, walking on the ground, the mother’s feelings escalate without return,

The mother will have nothing but intense crying from the intensity of joy.

Motherhood teaches the mother the meaning of patience, she learns the long mind, she makes many attempts with her child, to calm down once or sleep once, to take medicine, to eat food,

The number of times ends but patience does not end, motherhood learns to prioritize, especially if the mother contracts to travel and go out a lot. . Motherhood will make the mother go out a lot and turn her into a home-loving woman, to protect her little one from extreme heat or cold.

The mother discovers many new qualities, for example, the mother finds herself cooking food, taking care of her young, sitting with her husband, performing her duties and chores inside the house, the mother will realize that motherhood gave her energy, skills to be able to bear all these responsibilities.

With motherhood this privacy is irreversible, whether bathing, sleeping, eating, or talking on the mobile phone, the mother will not do all these things alone anymore, but takes her child everywhere she goes.

In the end, it must be known that motherhood is a fun journey for every mother, despite it being a stressful journey, but it is very enjoyable.

Every mother must take advantage of every moment with her child without feeling shortened without a clear justification.

Every mother explores more information on her own without telling anyone to her. with that information.

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