10 effective ways to take advantage of the summer vacation with your child

effective ways to take advantage of the summer vacation with your child
10 effective ways to take advantage of the summer vacation with your child

During the summer vacation, most children spend their time watching TV, playing with electronics, and staying up late at night.

Thus, the vacation turns into a lost time that educators wish to end with its heavy burden,

as our children always feel bored and find themselves

lost between what we wish to do and what is actually happening, and the feeling infiltrates us. Blame and regret this time that causes our children’s academic skills to decline to start the new school year

with our suffering to rise to their level again, while we can avoid all this suffering and

save all this effort and invest the summer vacation in,

several ways to develop our youngsters’ skills and be a fun and entertaining vacation at the same time.

Organize your child’s time

All families are obliged to organize the time of their children during the school year to help them raise their efficiency and increase their academic achievement.

They are keen to sleep regularly at specific times, which increases their focus,

increases their physical and mental activity, and improves their psychological state,

due to the presence of useful free time. But along the same lines, a schedule must be set to organize appointments during the vacation as well

to make the most of the vacation and not waste it in vain, but how can we organize our times?

In the beginning, we mothers must organize our times so that we do not feel more stressed and

tired during our day full of housework and family duties and may be in addition to our work during the day,

so we must organize the day by planning a schedule for the daily routine,

and then organizing your child’s day in the form of pictures

if Your child was at a pre-reading age so that he could understand what is required through the drawings,

especially the morning routine and bedtime routine.

They are one of the most important tasks to prepare him to go to sleep or to renew his activity in the morning

1 tradition

Children learn by imitating parents more than by repeating commands in front of their children.

If you want your child to read regularly, you must read first, whether you read to them if they are not of the age allowed to read

alone or help them choose books and stories that are useful for them and share with them.

Talk about what they read and tell them a little about what you read. Recent studies on children whose mothers read to them regularly have proven that they learn to read very easily and quickly,

so reading to your children is very important from birth.

2 outdoor activities

Playing outdoors helps children renew their mental and physical energy.

Parents can also draw the child’s attention to reading a sign outside or the names of shops or

reading the names of products while they go to buy their needs from shops,

and you can also participate in some outdoor activities in the places designated for them. In it, they learn some sciences such as electrical circuits, designing robots, or participating in language courses, etc.

It is necessary to participate in a club for your child to play a sports game that helps him activate his body, maintain his health,

organize his time automatically, and prepare him for regular sleep.

3 visits

You can visit archaeological areas instead of sitting to review a history book, or visit new governorates,

take a walk in the Nile, and move between the plains and plateaus to review geography. You can also agree with relatives and neighbors on a weekly date for gathering to enhance family relations and friendship between your child and their children,

and you can set a monthly date for a charitable visit. Such as visiting children in nursing homes or hospitals and presenting them with gifts to feel the blessings of God upon him and for other children.

4 Using the mobile camera

When you allow your child to use the camera to take pictures and take some pictures and focus on specific places and shots and then watch those pictures and take advantage of every shot in every place you visited,

this will definitely increase your child’s focus and he will never forget these places, and thus he will reach the maximum benefit from visits and roaming.

5 Agriculture

Growing at home is one of the important activities for your child, whatever his age. You can teach your child the difference between cotyledons and dicotyledons by planting beans and corn, for example. You can teach the parts of the plant and how it grows and give him the responsibility to take care of it and take care of it on specific dates. It also teaches your child patience and how to To do something simple now to see the fruit of his labor tomorrow.

6 Raising a pet

Pets increase the child’s feeling of safety because he has another creature that is responsible for his care. Thus, you can raise a parrot, a bird, or a turtle, or raise some ducks, chickens, or chicks on the balcony of the house for your child to interact with and also the fish. Just the child’s feeling that he has a responsibility increases his sense of importance and belonging. This increases his sense of security and psychological stability.

7 Exploration in nature

Your child can explore everything around him from distinguishing the difference in the shape of the leaves of trees, alternation of night and day, interacting with insects and birds, seeing the moon and stars, and what is the difference between a star, a planet, and the moon, you can teach your child the phenomenon of tides on the beach during the summer, and you can teach him a lot about gravity As he plays on the slide and learns the simple pendulum theory through the swing and lots and lots of simple explorations that teach your child deep theories without resorting to more complex scientific terms.

8 summer camps

Participation in the places that organize summer camps for children that teach them about wanderers and how to be self-reliant and help them make friends outside the framework of study and school and teach your child how to behave without your presence next to him and more ideas and handicrafts suggested by summer camps, whether for girls or boys, are very important to them and increase their sense of accomplishment during the summer vacation and invest their time.

9 Volunteer work

Volunteer work in charitable societies and the work of contributions and assistance to others is one of the most important achievements of your 10-year-old child. It increases the most important achievements that your child enjoys and is engraved in his memory and learns from it how to help others and to make his work purely for the sake of God Almighty. Volunteer or work for a small wage if there is a safe place for him from your point of view.

10 Exploiting the Internet and Social Media

You can teach your child computer languages ​​and how to use Microsoft programs and search on the Internet under your supervision and use Google kids, YouTube kids, and there are many small projects on the Internet that your child can implement during the summer vacation, such as preparing home clay and slime and selling it to his friends and neighbors or designing and making accessories for girls or Handcrafts of crochet, embroidery, etc., so your child can learn by himself through YouTube videos, and adopt the small project that he loves and is creative in, and you can create an account on your child’s social networking sites to record his summer achievements under your administration and share it without using social media until he reaches the age He can then record it himself so that he can see his achievements after the end of the leave and compare each year with what preceded it to develop himself.

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